Happy New Year!

Another year is behind us. As many do, I’m looking back on the past twelve months with mixed emotions. Yes, there are some moments I’d like to forget. In this final countdown to the new year, I’m letting go of the difficult times, the tears shed, and those random moments that caused me to forget that I do, in fact, lead a joyful life.

I’m breaking from those brief periods of time that felt like an eternity; those chapters in my life that led me to believe my spirit of love, light, and joy had ceased to exist. I’m forgiving myself for letting my guard down in those pockets of time that were far from bliss and closer to misery.

But in looking back, I can’t deny the joyful memories that eclipse the unpleasant. For every tear, there were a dozen smiles; for every failure, a handful of victories; for every bout of weakness, a tower of strength. And, as always, my faith and gratitude remain.

So, here’s to looking back on the past year while looking forward to the next. I’m hopeful and excited for a fresh start. On the horizon are new beginnings. And whatever those beginnings come to be: friendships, love, adventures, or just random joyful moments scattered throughout the new year, I welcome them all with open arms. And with every new beginning, there is comfort in knowing that for everything there is a season.

Sharon – Embracing My Joy

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” – Ecclesiastes 3