6.27.2015I’ve been contemplating my gradual awakening to my newly found inner joy. It has inspired me to document the simple pleasures I encounter each day so that I can appreciate them and revisit them.

These simple pleasures consist of everything from my yoga practice to stepping out onto my deck in the early morning when all is still quiet. From watering my plants, a recently discovered passion, to talking to a friend before starting my day. From hearing “I love you” from the love of my life to sharing a giggle with the girl serving me my morning coffee before my commute to work. Every day has something for which to be grateful and I’ve never been more aware of it.

I’m following my heart as I listen to that still small voice. Thus, my blog is created and is a work in progress as I jot down my thoughts, save my memories, and learn more about myself as I continue to hold onto my joy.

I am truly blessed and in return for my blessings I enthusiastically practice gratitude, make a daily effort to take good care of myself, strive to protect my joy and live in it, and happily share my love and joy as much as I can with those around me.

Most importantly, I pray to God to deepen my faith in Him, praise Him for all He has done for me, and thank Him for being by my side every day.