Walking the Walk – The Path of Friendship

The start of this year kicked off a new life for me. I left my job to start my own business, got a puppy, and learned to lead a new lifestyle. And as my professional life shifted into its new modus operandi, I presumed my personal life would remain the same; unscathed, routine, and safe. My expectations aren’t always on target.

Knowing when one door closes, another opens doesn’t prepare you for friends walking out those doors never to return. I choose to believe, admittedly with naiveté, that honest and loyal friendships endure. However big or small a misunderstanding, with communication anything can be worked out and all will be well again. It takes two, however, to make this misconception a truth.

Slowly losing a friendship over the past six months has saddened me. I understand that colleagues, friends, and even family members, come into our lives in cycles. Some stay for the long haul, some disappear for a while and return as if no time was lost, and some disappear forever. Sometimes there isn’t a reason. I’ve been known to disappear on occasion knowing the friendship was only to last for a fragment of time.

We’re given a very short time to enjoy our life. Undoubtedly, we’re also meant to grieve, feel pain, and ultimately recover from whatever or whomever may have been the source of our discomfort. We find our inner strength and, over time, return to the normalcy of our lives. So paths cross, relationships are born, and we learn from them. We give to our friend what they need during our time together. And unbeknownst to us, they give us what we need.

Forgiveness is mutually needed for a friendship to persevere. But, in this case, I’m forgiving for the loss of a friendship. My gift from a former friend – the ability to forgive. The realization is a friend is loyal, forgiving, supportive, and brings joy to your life. But sometimes the truth is, walking the walk might lead in different directions bringing your friendship to a dead-end.

I’m recovering now as I continue on my path, and I know there are many doors that will open for me along the way.

Sharon – Embracing my Joy