There’s a very basic amenity present in one’s lifetime: freedom. Most of us have freedom available to us. We either take pleasure in this overlooked luxury or surrender it with all its advantages. Either way, I’m not sure the majority of us appreciate this gift for what it’s worth. There’s more to this than catching a favorite TV show at 30-minute intervals.

Most of the time, if surrendered, it’s simply because there’s never enough time. Our get-up-and-go has been depleted after our daily commitments are fulfilled. We choose to crash when the day is done. The weekends are merely a chance to recover from the last week and recharge for the next. And, again, often with commitments to be met. Fun, special events, and chores are scheduled into slots with beginning and end times. Even our free time doesn’t afford us the luxury of freedom.

I’m reminding myself of all the things I vowed to do if and when I chose to leave my 9-5 twelve-hour days behind me. My final debate of whether I should step out on my own ended with think of all the freedom you’ll have! And there I went.

So here I am. I’ve discovered the luxury of my newly found freedom. I work longer hours and, somehow, have more free time. The simple pleasure of walking my puppy in the morning without having to rush off to the office or enjoying a hot cup of coffee in my kitchen instead of pouring it into a to-go mug is enough to slow me down; enough to breathe and take in the moment.

At night, when turning out the light, I reflect on the day. All of it. My accomplishments, joyful moments, challenges, disappointments, all of it. Instead of floating mindlessly through the day, I’m living each moment. Twenty-four hours pass quickly. I don’t want to miss one minute!

Sharon – Embracing My Joy

“Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered – how fleeting my life is.” – Psalm 39:4