Of the many things for which I’m grateful, there is no other more important to me than my friends. What more does a girl need than a little quality time with her girlfriends? When I’ve had a long and hard day (or a long and hard week for that matter) and meet for a girls’ night out, there’s an energy about it that reminds me of who I am and that life is good. It lifts my spirit. Simply put, spending time with my friends makes me happy.

Girlfriends bond. They connect. They share thoughts and feelings that may not be understood by others. They share inside jokes, knowing looks, feel good vibes and just plain old fun. This circle of friends is special and there’s nothing else like it.

Every girl should have one good friend. She’s hard to find but when found, don’t ever let go!

Sharon – Embracing My Joy

“Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things” Unknown